Propane is one of the most widely used fuel alternatives in residential households. It is cost-efficient, safe, and emits less carbon than traditional heating methods. Propane furnaces are extremely energy efficient and newer models have an AFUE rating of 97 percent. If you’re looking to install a new propane furnace or repair your old one in Ashburn City, VA (and surrounding areas) we can assist with both residential and commercial properties.

Installation in Ashburn City, Va

Most people wait until it is absolutely necessary to replace their furnace- meaning they wait until the old one breaks. However, upgrading your old heating unit can greatly reduce your heating bills. Propane is stored in tanks so your furnace does not need to be installed near a pipeline. However, there are strict building codes for any heating unit, especially gas units. Therefore, it is best if you leave the installation process to the experienced professionals who can offer you a safe and quick set up.

Propane Furnace Servicing and Maintenance

One of the best qualities of a propane furnace is that is requires minimal maintenance. Occasionally, homeowners should check the venting system for obstructions to ensure the unit is functioning properly. Otherwise, all that is needed to keep a propane furnace in good working order is an annual inspection from a qualified service technician. At R.C.S, we have a team of highly experienced, certified professionals who can examine your unit for you, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a safely heated home. We even offer annual maintenance plans to save you money and spare you the trouble of remembering to schedule an appointment.

Propane Furnace Repair

Our experts are familiar with the majority of propane furnace models and are able to quickly find and repair the components that are malfunctioning. The costs of repair will depend on the type of furnace, the size, and the extent of the damage. The average cost of a propane furnace repair is between $300 and $400. However, by contacting us, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

However, if you speak with us directly, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate cost estimate.

Signs that your Propane Furnace Requires Repair

Heating bills – While the cost of heating does typically rise each year, if you notice a dramatic increase in the cost to heat your home it could mean that your furnace is not running at its top efficiency.

Varying room temperatures – If you find some rooms are too hot and some too cold, it could mean that your furnace is not distributing the heated air evenly.

Furnace flame color – Propane burner flames should be blue. If the flames are orange or yellow, an adjustment is needed.

Air filters – The airways to and through the furnace should be clean. If the filters become dirty or clogged, airflow will be restricted.

‘Rotten egg’ smell – The manufacturers purposefully added the release of such a smell to alert homeowners of a propane gas leak. If you notice the smell, call a furnace serviceman immediately and leave the property.

Strange noises – Banging, popping, rattling or squealing noises can be a sign that the furnace blower is not functioning properly.

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