Gas FurnaceThe most common fuel source used to heat homes in America is natural gas. The furnace works by converting gas into heat using a number of components such as burners, heat exchangers, blowers, and controls. A gas furnace is a forced air heating system, which means it draws in air from throughout the house, heats it, and then redistributes it evenly back into the house through the ductworks. If you are thinking about installing or repairing a gas furnace and you live in Cross Junction City, VA or the surrounding areas, we can assist with both residential and commercial properties.

Choose R.C.S. for Installation

A new heating unit can save you hundreds of dollars in heating bills, especially if your current unit is an old or outdated model. It can be tricky to properly connect a gas furnace unit to the ductworks system and gas line. We can install the unit for you in a matter of hours with our team of experienced, certified professionals. The cost of installation will include the equipment delivery, worksite preparation, installation, cleanup and debris removal, and labor.

Gas Furnace Servicing and Maintenance

A gas furnace is designed to get your through cold winters for several years. You can easily extend the life of your furnace through proper service and maintenance. Typical upkeep includes replacing the air filter and cleaning the furnace components such as the blower assembly. Your best bet is to have a trained professional inspect the unit every year. This will keep your furnace running efficiently and defend against more costly repairs down the road. At R.C.S, our team of professionals can take care of inspecting and servicing your gas furnace and also advise you on how to keep the unit running at top efficiency. We provide annual maintenance plans that are affordable and convenient.

Gas Furnace Repair (Including Average Cost)

If your furnace is not heating your home properly, repairs may be needed. Although gas furnaces are usually very reliable, if they break down you generally want the unit fixed immediately- especially in the cold weather months. Our experts are very familiar with this type of furnace and can make the necessary repairs quickly. The average repair costs about $200. However, call or email us directly, and we will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate.

Signs that your Gas Furnace Requires Repair

  1. Strange sounds
  2. Rooms remain cold, even after turning up the thermostat
  3. Heating bills are higher than usual
  4. The pilot light is yellow
  5. The furnace has trouble starting or staying on
  6. You notice a change in the air quality of your home
  7. Varying temperatures in different rooms of the house
  8. Condensation on the inside of windows
  9. Ice forming on your roof
  10. You have not had a repair or inspection in over 2 years


Call us on (540) 665-2722 or email us at to learn more about gas furnace installation, repairs, and maintenance. We have been in the business of heating homes for over 40 years and should be able to answer your questions without difficulty. Furnace problems always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, that is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.