Airflow is absolutely essential in every building. Ductwork is the key to air delivery and helps ensure that your building is comfortable and safe. We provide duct installation that will maximize efficiency and minimize potential health risks to all those who need service in the Frederick and Loudoun counties of Virginia.

The Importance of Good Duct Installation

The empty space between ceilings and floors in a home is known as plenum space. This area tends to gather a great deal of dust and debris over the years that would wind up causing health problems if it wasn’t for solid duct installation. Ducts are placed in the plenum space and help to make sure that air flowing through the area remains well-treated and clean. They help to connect your heating and air conditioning systems with multiple rooms in the home and ensure that the air you breathe remains fresh and well-circulated. To make sure you have a safe and comfortable environment, good duct installation is necessary to make sure the ducts are clean, airtight, and devoid of any debris.

The Dangers of Poor Duct Installation

Duct installation is one of the most important parts of HVAC installation and should be handled by a contractor who knows the ins and outs of various ducting materials. Poor duct installation can lead to heat loss during the winter and inefficient air conditioning during the summer. More significantly, it can lead to a buildup of debris and even hazardous materials in a home’s air supply, leading to an increase in allergies and breathing-related health issues. Ducts should be cleaned on an annual basis, and this can often be done by the homeowner, but installation and in-depth maintenance is best handled by a professional.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Cost – The specific cost of your ductwork will depend largely on the size of your home and the material used. Flexible metals like aluminum are most commonly used. Cloth ducts cost less but are also much less durable.

Energy Rating – Ducts themselves do not have an energy rating, but they can affect the energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning units. In general, the more direct a duct system is, the higher the energy rating will be.

Cleanliness – Most air ducts should be cleaned on a yearly basis. This usually involves inspecting the ductwork and cleaning out large debris such as balls of dust or mineral deposits. A professional should be consulted for in-depth maintenance every three to five years, or more often if you notice anything unusual in your system.

Materials – A strong flexible metal is preferred for most ductwork, but certain jobs may require something more delicate. Cloth ducts can be used for short-length vents, but should never be the main source of ductwork in a home. Our contractors will provide you with an analysis of the material that will work best for you.

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