HVAC systems are usually straightforward affairs, but custom homes might have special needs when it comes to their installation and repair. Fortunately, we have experience in a variety of configurations and can make adjustments on the fly in order to ensure that you get the best system fit for your building. If you have a custom home in the counties of Frederick or Loundoun, you can count on us to provide you with the service you need.

Challenges Presented by Custom Homes

Custom homes provide several HVAC challenges that don’t exist in standard buildings. Because they are designed with a specific customer in mind, the plenum space in which the ductwork gets placed may be unusual in shape or layout. This requires a contractor to put some extra thought into the air ducts so the flow isn’t disrupted by anything. Other factors, such as placement of windows and custom wall designs, can affect the amount of light that enters the home and how much insulation can be used, both of which impact the placement and utilization of heating and air conditioning units.

Analysis of your Custom Home

Custom homes require in-depth knowledge of HVAC services in order to make sure the selected system meets the building’s needs. Our service technicians will first do a detailed analysis of your home to make sure that you get the right HVAC configuration. This includes analysis of the type and amount of installation in a home, a look at potential air leaks, and an examination of the plenum space. From there, recommendations for system installation, adjustments, and maintenance can be made and your living needs can be met.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Cost – Custom homes often require extra steps to be taken with the installation and service of HVAC systems. As a result, the cost is slightly higher than normal, especially for first-time installations.

Efficiency – A custom space that has a well-sealed building sheath tends to have a higher energy rating and can thus provide you with some significant cost savings down the road. If you have an inefficient building sheath, we can help strengthen it to improve your efficiency.

HVAC Source – Most HVAC systems have a source such as a furnace or heat pump in the basement or on the ground floor, but this doesn’t suit all building designs. In general, heat sources need to be at a low point in the building, while cooling sources can be at a higher level if need be.

Types of Systems – Most custom homes benefit from central systems in terms of both heating and air conditioning. However, if you plan to have different zones in your home at different heat and humidity levels, other options are available. This includes split-system designs, which can keep one area at a lower temperature or even provide gradient temperatures throughout a single room.

If you are interested in exploring custom HVAC options, consider filling out our free estimate form. You can also reach us in person by telephone at (540) 665-2722 or via email at office@rcsheatingair.com.